Wallington-Dummer provides a comprehensive range of services spanning the entire intellectual property (IP) life cycle.


A patent provides the patent owner (patentee) with a monopoly to an idea or concept behind a product or process in some field of technology. Once granted, a patent establishes a sole right to the patentee to “exploit” the invention covered by the patent. That is, the patentee may make, sell, license or otherwise deal with the product or process covered by the claims of the patent. Learn more about patents »

Trade Marks

A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator, used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity, to identify it with the products or services it provides and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities. Learn more about trade marks »

Designs Protection

The visual appearance of a manufactured product can be one of your greatest commercial assets in setting yourself apart from the competition. Registering the design of your product can prevent others from using the design without your permission. Learn more about designs »

Plant Breeder's Rights

Plant Breeder's Rights are used to protect new varieties of plants. Learn more about Plant Breeder's Rights »