Filing Requirements

A trade mark application in Australia must include the following:g:

  • the owner’s name and contact details (personal name or company name – a business name is not a legal entity and is therefore not accepted by IP Australia)
  • a representation of the trade mark – if the trade mark is not in plain letters
  • a list of the Classes claimed – there are 45 different Classes for which registration can be sought. A single trade mark application can claim a number of Classes
  • a list/description of the goods and/or services within each Class for which registration is sought
  • a translation of any part of your trade mark that is another language
  • details as to whether the trade mark application is claiming priority under an international convention
  • the required IP Australia official filing fee

In the event that you wish to file a non-traditional sign/mark additional information is required. Such information may include any one of the following:

  • A copy of the actual sound being claimed (for sound marks)
  • Graphical representations that show each feature of the trade mark (for 3 dimensional marks)
  • A description of the colour according to a recognised colour matching system (for colour marks)

Please contact us for further information about Australian or New Zealand filing requirements./p>